Time to roll out the red carpet — Libon is here!

What if we told you that everything you do on your iPhone could be free? Yep, that’s right: free phone calls, free text messages and free visual voicemail, no matter what network you’re on.
Now there’s an app for that, and that’s Libon!


We can hardly sit still in our chairs to type this here at Libon HQ because we’re so excited to launch our coolest update ever.
Drum roll please… You can now make free Libon-to-Libon calls, the big secret feature that some of our most dedicated fans have been testing (thanks for that!).

You’ll love this feature, enabling you to call all of your Libon contacts for free all over the world. We made it available in more than 90 countries.
And when you’re not there to answer, your smart Libon voicemail will answer for you. The libon visual voicemail offers greetings personalization per contacts or groups of contacts-your partner will love it-and a speech to text transcription of your voicemails to make your life easier.

Free calls, free IMs and a voicemail that does it all — three cheers to the new Libon!

Libon is best enjoyed shared, so invite your friends, and we’re sure your parents want to hear from you more often too. All you have to do is send them this link: http://l-i.bo/freecaII.
It works on iPhone but for those of you who are on Android, be patient – we’re already working on the Android version available in a couple of month!

Download the app and get Premium for free for 30 days, which includes 60 minutes of calls to landlines or mobiles (31 destinations) around the world.

GruposUn buzón de voz intelligenteiphone5_ES_0002_3aLlamadas gratis, un chat listo y un buzón de voz que sabe hacer de todo

We’re shouting this from the rooftops, so bring us back down to earth and back to our computers by letting us know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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