The best 16 resolutions for 2016


It’s 29 January, so it’s not too late to list our New Year’s resolutions. In a nutshell, for us 2016 will be summed up by calls, calls and more calls :)

Resolution n.º1: Call mum more often


Resolution n.º2: Call dad if mum doesn’t answer



Resolution n.º3: Call grandma and grandpa (and not just on their birthdays)


Resolution n.º4: Call for hours without counting them


Resolution n.º5: Call while cooking


Resolution n.º6: Call while taking a bath


Resolution n.º7: Call your sweetheart just to hear the sound of his/her voice


Resolution n.º8: Call your friend at the other end of the world


Resolution n.º9: Call the best friends you’ve ever had  


Resolution n.º10: Call back all your missed calls; you never know what the news might be


Resolution n.º11: Call all your friends on their birthdays, without exception; no more texting


Resolution n.º12: Call all your friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year if you haven’t already done so


Resolution n.º13: Call your friends during my holidays to turn them green with envy


Resolution n.º14: Call home, like E.T


Resolution n.º15: Call your lawyer


Resolution n.º16: Call, call and call again. You can’t do without it ;)


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Christmas contest: 1,000 minutes for the person of your choice!

Christmas is just around the corner! Is there anybody you especially miss? Give him or her Libon minutes so he or she can call anywhere in the world thanks to you.

Thoughtfulness and family get-togethers are highlights of the holiday season, but sometimes you can’t share these times with everybody you love. Libon would like to give one of your loved ones 1,000 minutes so you can keep in touch.

Want to participate? It’s very easy! You’ve got until midnight on 24 December to tell us in the comments of our Facebook post why the person you choose deserves this gift and to identify him or her directly. The 3 stories that receive the most likes from the community will be the big winners!

Ask all your friends to like your comment to boost your chances!

Merry Christmas!


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The six kinds of calls that punctuate your life


Some are touching or enjoyable, others very funny. And there are many others.

Guess what?!”

“I’m going to have a baby”, “I passed my exams”, “I’ve just landed my dream job!” All of this good news makes up most of the calls you love to receive or make.

It was to say I miss you

Thoughtful calls are your favourites. A loved one has somehow found out some good news about you.
200 (2)

Hello, yes, it’s about unpaid bills… no, just kidding!

You innocently pick up your phone and are completely confused for a few moments.

The long “blablablabla” Sunday call

You’ve got some time, so you call your favourite people, especially your mom, who’s been waiting all week for you to tell her about — your week.

Alice, is it really you?!

Your best friend lives on the other side of the world and you miss him or her. A foreign number comes up on the display screen. When you realise who it is, you’re overjoyed.
200 (5)

The unknown number

An unknown number appears on your screen. You hesitate. “Who could it be? Should I answer or not?”


Every call matters and, to be honest, we’d be quite sad if nobody called us! It’s time to assert together how important the voice is in our interactions >



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Libon wins an award!


We’re very proud of winning a 2015 Telecoms Award! Above all, it’s thanks to our users, who trust us and allow us to always be closer to their expectations.

Libon CEO Dominic Lobo also thanked the teams working to enhance the app every day: “We would like to thank our industry peers who, as judges, recognised the work we have done in delivering a truly global OTT solution. Thanks also go to the team behind Libon whose dedication has made the vision a reality.

Here are some pictures of the event:

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Halloween: #MobileHorrorMovies, and what if our smartphones became our worst nightmare?

Trick or treat!

In addition to fancy dress parties with your friends, during the Halloween period, it’s the time for horror movies. The Selfie-stick Massacre, The Return of the Unknown Number, The Voicemail Attack, etc. We’ve invented a world in which our smartphones become the stage for our worst fears.

Share your ideas with us and we will publish the best ones on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Happy Halloween! (Watch out behind you!)

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It’s Global Diaspora Week!


Libon wants to celebrate International Diaspora Week by asking our Facebook and Twitter fans which people they hear from the most.

Hearing a loved one’s voice on the phone, exchanging little messages or just talking about everyday life helps you keep in touch with the people you care about!

Worldwide, 215 million people live outside their home countries. They acquire a new culture, but stay in close touch with the countries they come from.

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1,000 minutes to win for the first person to guess the outcome of the Argentina vs. Australia match!


The sixth Rugby World Cup, which will be broadcast in 207 countries for the first time, will have you swearing, sweating and jumping up and down in front of your TV screen more than ever. Knowing how enjoyable and competitive watching a rugby match with friends can be, we thought it would be fun to get your heart rate going even faster and, above all, to give you a chance to ring your loved ones wherever you are!

The first person to write on Twitter or Facebook the exact score of the match between Argentina and Australia on Sunday 25 October 2015 will win 1,000 free minutes!


  • Just one answer per person is allowed
  • Bets will no longer be accepted after the end of the first half
  • If nobody gets the score right, whoever comes closest wins

May the best team win!

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Libon is teaming up with Globe Telecom


Mabuhay! Today Libon is in Manila, where we’re introducing our new partnership with Globe Telecom, which aims to give Libon users the best rates for communicating with their friends and family wherever they are in the world.

To mark the occasion, we’re also rolling out two exclusive offers valid for 15 days:

  • We’ll give all existing users who call the Philippines 100 minutes.
  • We’ll also give new users who set up an account between 26.08 and 09.09.15 100 minutes of calls!

Important: the minutes offered must be used up by 09.09.15.

Last but not least, our Globe bundle is now available in the app: now you can buy 1,000 Libon Out minutes for €/$25.99 to call Globe and TM numbers in the Philippines.

Download Libon here

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Three reasons to take advantage of our “buy one, get one free” deal


From 10 to 24 August, our “buy one, get one free” deal lets you share more time with your loved ones. We have decided to extend our offer until September 9, 2015.

The idea is simple. Choose a bundle of minutes for a specific region and 24 hours later we’ll offer you exactly the same bundle. Do you have lots to say? You can do it over again 10 times until 9 September. Hurry!

This offer applies on the regional Libon Out Bundles, except Philippines with Globe Bundle. To enjoy this special offer, make sure to update your application.

Are you hesitating? Here are three reasons not to:

Two are better than one

The more minutes you have, the more you have to tell

No need to keep your phone calls short anymore


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Libon is expanding its offer


We have lots of good news for you today!

First, with Libon you can now call 140 destinations worldwide. Here’s the list of new countries:

Second, we now offer you six destination packs to call your loved ones at special rates in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and India. You’ll find them here.

At Libon, we care about going you the best service to stay in touch with your loved ones. So if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to chat with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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