Jordan and Saudi Arabia shortage

Some of you may have experienced issues calling Saudi Arabia and Jordan lately.

This issue is fixed and you can now enjoy again calls to Saudi Arabia and Jordan mobiles and landlines.

If you still experiencing the issue or have any other issues with the app, please give us a shout. The Libon team will come to the rescue!

Thanks for your patience

Your  Libon Team

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To celebrate the festive period: 30 minutes Free when one of your friends joins Libon




This is the perfect time of the year to reward you! It’s just our way of saying a big thanks to all our community.

During the festive period, Libon doubles up your minutes! This means that when one of your friends joins Libon, you both earn 30 minutes worth of calls for FREE!

We’d love you to share Libon with the ones you care about. Get your best friend along to make the most of this offer and spread the word.

Today is the time to get into the “sharing” spirit and be able to contact your friends and family wherever they are and celebrate the end of the year all together.

You’ll all get up to 120 minutes of FREE national or international calls per month with 30 minutes of free Libon Out calls for each friend that joins you on Libon!
Get your Libon app here:

Have a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

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Invite your friends to Libon and get rewarded with free calls




Libon just launched a new way to reward it’s best users! Invite your friends to join you on Libon and get rewarded with lots of FREE Libon Out minutes.

Earn up to 60 minutes of free calls every month! You get 5 minutes for free each time one of your friends joins you on Libon. With these minutes, you will be able to call landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world.

Here’s how it works:

For each contact joining you on Libon, you’ll be automatically rewarded with 5 minutes of Libon Out calls. You need to have the phone number of your contact joining you in your address book, and they need to have your number in their address book as well.
As simple as that!

To win more free minutes of Libon Out calls, invite your friends to Libon:

  1. On the Libon menu select “Get free minutes” and click “Invite your friends”.
  2. Invite your contacts to join Libon via e-mail, text or Facebook. You may as well just talk about Libon, if your friends and family create their Libon accounts, you’ll be automatically rewarded.
  3. You will receive a notification as soon as they join the Libon community by message and email.
  4. For each one of your guests that create their Libon accounts, you will receive 5 Libon minutes for free.

If you’re living abroad, a foreign student or you’re currently travelling around the globe, this is the perfect opportunity for you to boost your minutes and give yourself more time to talk to your loved ones back home.

So there we have it, get up to 60 free minutes in a few easy steps: that is one of #100reasons to love Libon and to spread the word!


Update (12/12/2014):

Libon is listening to you and has now upgraded its offer. Earn up to 15 free minutes every time one of your contacts downloads our app. Find out more here: 

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Free international calls, rich chat and video messages: check out the new functions featured within the new Libon iOS version



So you’ve got the new Libon app for iPhone update but you haven’t checked out the fabulous new features available on your one and only Libon app?

Don’t worry here are just some of the latest features now available on Libon:

  • Record and send video messages instantly to all of your Libon contacts with a simple tap.
  • Share Youtube videos links and play them directly in your conversation so you and your friend’s can view your favourite clips at the same time.
  • Sing, speak up and share the holiday spirit with your contacts at the press of a button with the audio messaging feature

The fun doesn’t stop there. Libon has another exciting offer* up its sleeve to help you connect with your friends and family.

So there we have it. More features and more free minutes to help you stay connected with your dearest and enjoy this December at the fullest.

Just a few of #100Reasons to love Libon

* This offer is not available in Armenia, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovakia

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Record and send: experience the instant video messaging with Libon



With the new Libon for iOS version, unveil every live moment within short videos! Discover this great new feature with your Libon app: say it with a smile, send over your video messages and share more exclusive moments with your friends and family.

Libon_Video Messaging_02

Easy and fast, you are now able to send over to your dearest the special moments of your everyday life and get everyone in on the fun.

Great news: update your Libon app now and enjoy a faster, more stable and smoother version that’s fully compatible with iOS8.

Bonus: this version is solving the crashes that some of our users have reported with the previous version.

Update your app and get more info now !

Libon has added more functionalities for more fun, you can enjoy more minutes to call your friends and family wherever they might be around the world. That’s one of #100Reasons for you to love Libon ;)

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The new Libon on Android version unveils a new treat for you



Yes, the rumours are true. The audio messaging has arrived in your new and improved Libon app!



Yes, the rumours are true. The audio messaging has arrived in your new and improved Libon app!

If you’re currently using your phone for Candy-crushing, snap-texting or checking your running time, let’s try a new experience!  Send audio messages to your friends and family we’re sure they will love to hear the sound of your voice.

Spend more times chatting with your friends and family with this new entertaining feature that completes a range of very good options which Libon is offering.

Say it out loud and in high quality: Libon invites all users to share every moment with a simple tap.

Get ready to record and to send over audio messages at will, your recipient will be able to listen to it directly from the app. Imagine, you can now comment every game and every live moment without missing a bit of what you are watching, it’s interactive and easy to use!

Get Libon on Android for more details

So Libon offers you more minutes, to call more countries and has now added more functions… see here a few of #100reasons to love Libon

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Is Voicemail dead? Not at all! [Answer to Gizmodo]


“Voicemail is great. Voicemail is essential” here’s a very good point made by Leslie Horn, Tech Expert and writer for Gizmodo.

Here at Libon, we’ve always been concerned about how to get our users closer to each other.

Personalized greetings, visual voicemail, low cost international calls and rich chat are a few assets that we provide however our higher purpose is to enable you to really make your friends and family feel special. We really feel proud when we come upon reviews like this one:

“Awesome new version. Libon has it all, best voice call quality, great messenger (with pics text and voice), unique customer greetings and visual voicemail…. Brilliant.” by Zillion27

Libon provides a very unique smart voicemail: you can personalize greeting messages for each of your contacts so that they know they matter to you. Indeed, leaving a generic message is great, but personally answering someone with his or her own greeting is a lovely personal touch. And those who tried these features really seem to enjoy it:

“Absolutely brilliant for customising and managing voicemails” by Supreme0verlord

For instance, imagine greeting your mom with a special message created just for her or surprising your loved one with a very personal greeting when away travelling for work.

To take the time to customize your voicemail so people actually feel very special and considered is important and Libon makes it easier to stay close to home and to those who matter. :)

“Great. I swapped to 3 and was disappointed with the lack of visual voicemail but this app is a great replacement! Voicemails download much faster and being able to have voicemails emailed to me is even better as I can keep a record of messages left by customers.” by Ward3n

A big thank you to all our community for your reviews and insight, this is what keeps us going and improving your Libon experience.

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Work in progress: The Libon iOS app will soon be improved


If after making the latest iOS update you’ve faced some issues with your Libon app, we are really sorry… We have identified what went wrong and we’re working hard to fix this ASAP.

In the meanwhile, please bear with us! Your Libon service will be back to normal: in the next few days we will launch a new iOS app version that should fix this.

Sorry for the inconvenient and thank you for your continuous support.
The Libon Team

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With Libon for iPhone enjoy more minutes and more freedom



Libon gives you #100reasons to join the community. Now you can make as many international calls as you want!

You can recharge your Libon Out minutes as often as you want and call landlines and/or mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world!

FB_0014_Post_UK_Pounds FB_0013_Post_UK_dollar

To enjoy all this get the latest iOS version and discover all the features and performance improvements we have ready for you!

  • Buy as many Libon Out minutes as you want at very low rates!
  • Enjoy the new design improvements and the nicer look and feel
  • Set new avatars for your contacts and edit them with a tap
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

Enjoy more freedom and more fun! Libon doubles up your minutes. Buy 50 minutes and get 50 other minutes for free: top up your minutes for only $1.99 or £1.49 and call all your friends even those that are not using Libon.

Update your app and discover #100reasons to love Libon on iOS

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With Libon, Keep calm and top up!


Libon is proud to announce that you can now recharge your Libon Out minutes as often as you want: Android users can top up their Libon Out minutes and buy whenever they want 50 minutes to call friends and family for a very low price of £1.49 or $1.99.


 But there’s more, Libon gives you double! Enjoy now this amazing launching offer: buy 50 minutes and Libon gives you 100 minutes for the same price of  only £1.49 or $1.99! Do the math: 1 minute of Libon Out calls costs less than £0,016 or $0,020

Libon is a unique app that offers a bundle of great features usually found in distinct applications:

– Unlimited and free HD calls from Libon to Libon users

– Cheap calls to landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations

– Amazing customized voicemail along with personalized greetings

And all of this is available even if your friends are not using Libon #100reasons to love Libon!


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