Heartbleed – Libon is safe!



You might have already heard about the recently discovered security vulnerability in OpenSSL, made public last week. This vulnerability called “Heartbleed” affects the service that provides secure browsing for most of the Internet major websites.

Even if we are not aware of any exploitation of this vulnerability on Libon, our developers worked preventively on securing your data.

Now that our security certificates were renewed, we advise you to change your Libon password.

In order to change your Libon account password, please go to your account on Libon Web or use your Libon mobile app to change your password in your “Account” menu.

Change your Libon password 

Please post a comment below if you have any question. To go further and to get more general details about this bug, you find more info here.

Your dedicated Libon team

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Libon’s in BBC’s top smartphone chat apps!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.42.49


It’s a happy day in the Libon towers!

Our 3-in-1 communications app has made it into the amazing BBC’s top smartphone chat apps review! Libon is mentioned alongside some colossus apps like Whatsapp and BBM. Only a few weeks after the launch of a unique feature, this is great to hear, as we want to grow bigger and bigger.

Check out the video and spread the Libon love amongst your friends: BBC CLICK

Yours truly,

The Libon team

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[UPDATE] Libon service is back to normal


Libon chat and voicemail

Libon is going through a little rough patch! Please bear with us, as the calls and messages might be unavailable for some of you.

We are deeply sorry for this and the whole team is working around the clock to solve this issue. We’ll be back soon!

The Libon Team

[UPDATE 27.03] 

If by any chance you have experienced issues with the app yesterday, we sincerely apologise! The service is now back to normal for most of the users. If you still cannot make calls or send messages via Libon, please bear with us and the fix will reach you soon.

Yours truly,

The Libon team

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A new day has come….


… with a brand new update!

Please give a warm welcome to our recent update, Libon for iPhone 3.1 bringing some cracking new features. Check them out:

-       An improved instant messaging experience

-       Email notifications for unread Libon messages

-       Voiceover compatibility improvements

-       A better performance and user experience

-       New languages including German, Portuguese and Italian

Make sure to update your Libon app and enjoy all these improvements! As ever, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this update. Share them with us in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter

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[UPDATE] Libon Calls are back to normal


Dear Libon users,

We are migrating our servers to more powerful hardware in order to improve the security and performance of our current and future features.

As a result, you will not be able to make or receive any call with your Libon service from 7am to 8am GMT (maximum!) on Wednesday 12th.

Yours truly, the Libon team


[UPDATE - 12.03.2014 6pm]

Hi everyone,

The migration of our servers has been successful and we hope this hasn’t caused any inconvenience. If you have any issue with the app, please give us a shout. The Libon team will come to the rescue!

Thanks for your patience

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Working around the clock


Some of you may experience delays when using your Libon voicemail or the Libon chat. This might only happen in some particular cases and with some specific operators.

Libon chat and voicemail

We are working around the clock to fix it – your Libon service should be back to normal shortly!

We apologize for the inconvenience, please contact us at  support@libon.com or tweet us @libon if you need help or have encountered any additional issues.

The Libon Team

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Come & say “Hola” to the Libon team at MWC Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona this week? Make sure you pop by the Mobile World Congress event where the Libon team has a booth.

CNET already visited us and tested the brand new & innovative Libon chat with their non Libon contacts!

You too, visit us to pick up the very latest Libon news, hot off the press!
More info on the event here: Mobile World Congress



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A world first! Libon is the first messaging app to chat with anyone, anywhere and on any device!



Spread the word! Your 3-in-1 communications app is rolling out one of its best features so far.

With so many chat apps out there, wouldn’t it be nice to have one app that allows you to chat with anyone no matter what service they use?

Libon, the app that brings your voicemail to the next level, today announced a new technology enabling Libon users to send rich text messaging, pictures, audio messages and more, to any of their contacts no matter what messaging service they use!


At Libon we simply want to make communication easier:

  • Instantly enjoy rich chat with any of your friends, without worrying about whether they are on Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, etc…
  • All the benefits of instant messaging with your contacts without them needing to download or register to any service
  • Chat instantly, share photos, record audio notes, share locations
  • Chat with anyone using a HTML5 browser – including all modern desktop browsers, and most mobile browsers
  • Available for Libon on iPhone and will be available on Android in the coming weeks

We can’t wait to hear what you think about this brand new feature! Share your thoughts in the comments below, on Facebook and Twitter

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A year in review: the world of Libon in 2013



2013 was quite a busy year for Libon including big launches, app updates, some new languages and some new friends from around the world.

Here’s what happened in the world of Libon in 2013 in a nutshell:

Spreading the word…

To kick off the year, Libon Team flew across the Atlantic Ocean to meet Uncle Sam and spread the Libon love.

We first stopped by Las Vegas where we visited CES, then went to take a bite at the Big Apple and popped by for the New York Times Travel Show. Later in February, the team found a place in the sun at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

And then came the big news.

Introducing the eagerly awaited Android version

A few months after its detonating launch in the AppStore, Libon hit the Google Play store to meet the thousands of Android users who were nicely waiting. The app had some great coverage in GigaOm, Engadget, and The Next Web, – and among others.

And the app got better and better

Throughout the year the team worked day and night to provide our users with brand new exciting updates, both on iPhone and Android. We released new features such as photo sharing, file sharing, improved the app performance and gave it a makeover to make the whole user journey even better.

Libon settled around the world

And learnt many new languages! In November 2012 Libon was speaking English, French and Spanish and thought it should not stick to that. In order to make new friends around the world, Libon learnt Dutch, Slovak, Romanian, Arabic, Polish, Russian and many more to come

Typhoon Hayan relief

To assist relatives of those who have been affected by typhoon Hayan in November, we offered free calls to the Philippines.

Invaded the web with Libon Web

Why should we stick to mobile when there’s this promising land of opportunities called Internet?

So we released our web version of Libon in November allowing users to enjoy Libon from any mobile and browser.

Made new friends from the Middle East and Asia

So far most of our friends were from Europe, the USA and South America. We saw uplift in downloads by the end of the year 2013 and became one of the most downloaded apps in Kuwait, Qatar and met thousands of new users in India and Saudi Arabia.

We ended 2013 happy, blessed and grateful

Thanks to all of your support we had a big year with some great achievements! This is just the beginning of our story, the best is yet to come.


Yours truly,

The Libon team

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A better, faster and stronger Android version!


If it’s not already in your hands, grab your Android phone and make sure you update your Libon app RIGHT NOW.

Here’s why: we’re introducing a brand new version of the Android app including a smoother overall functioning.  

Try it out now! http://l-i.bo/LibonforAndroid

Your feedback means a lot to us, share your thoughts with us in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter




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