With Libon for iPhone enjoy more minutes and more freedom



Libon gives you #100reasons to join the community. Now you can make as many international calls as you want!

You can recharge your Libon Out minutes as often as you want and call landlines and/or mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world!

FB_0014_Post_UK_Pounds FB_0013_Post_UK_dollar

To enjoy all this get the latest iOS version and discover all the features and performance improvements we have ready for you!

  • Buy as many Libon Out minutes as you want at very low rates!
  • Enjoy the new design improvements and the nicer look and feel
  • Set new avatars for your contacts and edit them with a tap
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

Enjoy more freedom and more fun! Libon doubles up your minutes. Buy 50 minutes and get 50 other minutes for free: top up your minutes for only $1.99 or £1.49 and call all your friends even those that are not using Libon.

Update your app and discover #100reasons to love Libon on iOS

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With Libon, Keep calm and top up!


Libon is proud to announce that you can now recharge your Libon Out minutes as often as you want: Android users can top up their Libon Out minutes and buy whenever they want 50 minutes to call friends and family for a very low price of £1.49 or $1.99.


 But there’s more, Libon gives you double! Enjoy now this amazing launching offer: buy 50 minutes and Libon gives you 100 minutes for the same price of  only £1.49 or $1.99! Do the math: 1 minute of Libon Out calls costs less than £0,016 or $0,020

Libon is a unique app that offers a bundle of great features usually found in distinct applications:

- Unlimited and free HD calls from Libon to Libon users

- Cheap calls to landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations

- Amazing customized voicemail along with personalized greetings

And all of this is available even if your friends are not using Libon #100reasons to love Libon!


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This summer, make the most of Libon!



Summer time is already half-gone. To help you better enjoy your holidays, let us share with  you why we think Libon is your essential app of the moment!

  • With Libon enjoy free and unlimited and high quality calls. Indeed, the Libon to Libon calls are in HD. Keep on sharing with your friends your summer stories: wherever you might be, use your Wi-Fi to enjoy more of Libon!
  • With your Libon Out minutes you can call the landlines and mobiles in more than  100 destinations* all around the world.Use Libon Out to call your friends that are not on Libon. Stay close to your loved ones, wherever they might be!
  • Customised greetings for each one of your contact groups: create your voicemail greetings by simply typing your desired text – Libon transforms it into a vocal greeting with the voice of your choice!
  • Besides, Libon transform voicemails you’ve received into text and sends them by email (MP3 files) if you’d want to.

Summer tip: Make sure to double-check with your provider that redirecting calls towards your Libon voicemail doesn’t cost you a penny when travelling abroad!

  • Our last iOS and Android updates offers many performance and design improvements.

There’s no more time to waste! Invite your friends to use Libon and share with all of them your best memories of the season.

*Libon Out minutes are not available everywhere around the world. Please check in the app if this feature is available in your country.

Libon for Android

Libon for iOS


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iOS users, time has come to update your Libon app!

Time has come to update your Libon app!

With this brand new version, we fixed the issues that some of our users have experienced after the last iOS update.

Download the iOS 3.4 version to enjoy all this:

  • Send a new message faster, Libon will show your favorite contacts first
  • Don’t miss any Libon messages from your friends, now you can get in-app notifications too
  • Set new avatars for your contacts and edit them at will
  • And many other performance and design improvements !

Get your new version of the Libon app here

Your Libon Team

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You’re on Android? Time has come to update your Libon app!

Time has come to update your Libon app!

With this new Android 3.2.1 version we solved the crash that some of you might have noticed while accessing the “Contacts” screen.

Please update your app and enjoy all this:

  • A great new design: slicker and smoother to help you make the best of Libon
  • Many corrections and overall performance improvements.

Get your new Android 3.2.1 version here

Your Libon Team

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Received some old Libon messages again?


If after making the latest Libon iOS update you’ve received some old messages, or your contacts have received old Libon messages you have sent them… Well, we’re really sorry and working hard to fix this ASAP.

A small percentage of the Libon community might have seen that some of their old messages are being resent after they have updated their app.

If you just created your Libon account, never mind this :) you will not have any issues with old messages being resent.

We are working hard to solve this and will release a correction as soon as possible.
The Libon Team

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Android users, update your Libon app right now!


Make sure that you update the Libon app to enjoy right now a better service quality and lots of other improvements.

New in this app version:

  • Use Libon in your native language: Arabic, Portuguese and Italian are available now
  • Enjoy the faster and better Libon: this version brings many performance improvements
  • And much more

If you keep using your older version, in certain situations some specific users might experience some difficulties in using the app or see resilient error messages.

Why wait, make the update right now!

The Libon Team

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[UPDATED] Libon will be unavailable for download tonight from 10PM to 6 AM GMT


[UPDATE]  Great news! Our maintenance operation is done and was led with success. Libon is now available and back to the stores again!

In order to give you a better experience when using Libon, we need to stop part of our services tonight, between 12 AM and 8 AM Central European Time (from 10PM to 6 AM GMT).

The impact is worldwide and sadly, new users will not be able to download and register to Libon during that time.

You should be able to continue calling and sending Libon messages to your friends and family, but new users will not be able to create their Libon accounts.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We assure you that all our team members and experts are working around the clock to get Libon back in the stores as soon as possible!



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Libon will be temporarily unavailable for download in Saudi Arabia

Libon chat and voicemail

The Libon service might seem downgraded for our customers in Saudi Arabia. You should still be able to call your family and friends, but for the moment, you might experience some slowness and server connection problems when using Libon. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience; we are working hard to solve these issues. Libon will be back stronger and better soon!

As we write, Libon will no longer be available at download for new users in Saudi Arabia due to this unexpected overload of our servers.

We assure you that all our team members and experts are working around the clock to improve the quality of our application and be back online in the stores in Saudi Arabia as soon as possible!

Follow up with us and share your feedback on Twitter @libon and/or Facebook/libon


برنامج LIBON سوف يكون غير متوفر مؤقتا للتنزيل في مملكة العربية السعودية.

ربما يبدو خفض خدمات LIBON المنزلة لزبائن في مملكة العربية السعودية. ولكن لا تزال قادرا على الاتصال بعائلتك وأصدقائك ، ولكن لبعض الوقت سوف تواجه بعض البطء في الخدمة

مشكلة أثناء اتصال على استخدام LIBON. ونحن متأسف بشدة للإزعاج ، ونحن نعمل بشدة في حل هذه المشكلة ، وسوف يكون LIBON أقوى وأفضل قريباً!

كما كتبنا ، LIBON سوف يكون غير متوفرة لتنزيل للمستخدمين الجديد في مملكة العربية السعودية بسبب حمولة زائدة غير متوقع.

ونحن نؤكد بأن جميع موظفينا و الخبراء تعمل على مدار الساعة لتحسن نوعية خدماتنا ونحن سوف نعوده على الانترنت في مملكة العربية السعودية في أسرع وقت ممكن.

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[UPDATED] Work in progress: Notifications and Voicemail might be unstable


We are working around the clock to give you the best possible experience, but for the moment some of you may experience delays in receiving your Libon notifications or while using your Libon Voicemail. This might happen in some particular cases as we are working to maximize our capacity and welcome our newcomers in the Libon community.

Libon chat and voicemail

In the meanwhile, please bear with us! Your Libon service will be back to normal as soon as possible!

As we write, the Libon team is working hard to improve all our platforms, nevertheless some of our users might perceive some connexion problems or slowness when using our services, mainly concerning Libon Web (our HTML5 application). We assure you that all our team members and experts are working around the clock to improve the quality of our application.

We hope that you have already noticed some improvements regarding your Libon Customized Voicemail and your notifications. Sadly, we’re not there yet, and our technical team is working hard to solve all the issues that some of you might have experienced lately.

We apologize for the inconvenience,
The Libon Team

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